I build me up, they steal it, I built again and killed it.
they follow, I want my credit, just bend the brim up and tilt it.
Yea… Yea… just bend the brim and tilt it.
Everybody fly but I’m the realest you got to chill with.
Me? I’m, still the same finish laps, and you still quit.
Always had the gift of gab, lay her back and make her heels click.
Yellow brick roads, my fellowships closed.
I line’m up at the clubs, Provida swag in my clothes.
You got the brain to huh? You got the heart to what?
I cross’m over spin’m round like lemme see ya butt.
They changin on us… we switch the gears up.
Forever fresh, never die like… scared of what?
I cut off, no more barber chair Cesar.
I stood up, paper under my arms, you believe it.
See yourself, my dark shades, make sure you can’t miss you.
Now Show yourself, back it up slow, you look official.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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