On 13 Feb: The Princess Royal – will attend a Reception at the British Consolate General, 5 Proletarskoy Dikatury …

The Princess Royal will visit SPB renovation,
8 Baskov Lane, St. Petersburg,
And then the Living Thread Hippotherapy Centre with patients,
Central Moscow Hippodrome, Building 9 is prefered,
22 Begovaya Street, Moscow, Russian Federation,
And then a Reception at the British Consolate General, is the word,
5 Proletarskoy Dikatury Square, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation is the location,
And then a Dinner at the Old Customs House Restaurant, remember to be easy with the herbs,
In 1 Tamozhenny Lane, St. Petersburg, smile at the waitress,
And when you visit the Clinical and Research Institute,
of Children’s Emergency Surgery and Trauma,
In Moscow Public Health Department with the truth,
At 22 Bolshaya Polyanka Street, Moscow, Russian Federation, remain calm as the Dalai Lama.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


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