Jus Genes Fresher

Jus’ put his self up, all they do is cherry pick,
All I raise is loyalty, gladiator chariots,
Ya’ll whisperin’ conspiracy Maximus, Marcus Aurelius,
I know my position, I’m no illegal alien,
Ya’ll gon’ make me bring back Julius Cesar,
See smoke screens but so focused through thee amnesia,
If Socrates corrupted the youth say hi to Plato,
Cleopatra’s the last Pharaoh of Egypt stay out the way tho,
The Nile and the Amazon run the same direction,
Why they on a chess board playin’ a game of checkers?,
Kings, Queens, Knights, Rooks, Pawns,
Depending on the season I’m always up at dawn,
Ya’ll sleep alot we All Sun All Moon,
Told you you’re f***** with immortals from June to June,
Dream catchers for nightmares we let the dreams catch us,
Dream child but mean while money green lexus,
Nightmare on Elm street, wear the same sweater Freddy did, Sharper than them other boys huh? Yes he is,
Camp crystal lake I swear you can see the bottom of it,
Camp Mason, Friday The 13th make sure the bottom loves it,
Put ya bottom budget in the bottom oven,
I’m Catholic but seen Islam take shahadas in public,
Put that ice on a rock and call it a comet,
I write my own s*** then put my flow behind it,
Orions belt, holdin up my Justings,
You go commercial, but you fly in what else uh Jus’ Genes,
My vote help put Barack in for a 2nd term,
Now you should probably straighten it out with a 2nd perm,
A Phoenix in a fire, see desire let it burn,
Earth movin so fast it looks slow to you, let it turn,
So if I look slow to you I’m runnin circles round you dudes,
You runnin game to who? You don’t even know the f***** rules.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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