Pakistan Under The Wing

Check me out at the Pakistani Festival,
I was all in your stores buying food, fruits and vegetables,

I moved on those streets and the clubs with a swag,
That would have even had mick jag mad, who’s bad?
I took Rana under the wing he should be in class in London,
About to pass the bar, he can run it for 22 summers,
All those Pakis all those Benzzzess,
Holland come around like Jus’ let me borrow ya lenzzzzes,
Chileans and Ethiopeans like my Norwegian summer,
Then see me in the club like Jus we got new kicks we runnin with you next summer,
Jamaica like, Jus you make it like, easy,
Flight then take a bike to hike where it’s breezy,
South Africa say they fresher than Jus’ I say Ha,
This provida swag bring’m all to the yard like ah,
The gypsies stood up like I follow ya swag,
You always fresh as **** How you come up so fast?

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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