All Sun All Moon 12 Staring @IGGYAZALEA

“All Sun All Moon” Tuesday July 1st 2014 ($5.99)


If the higher echelons of society knows who I am. And the lower echelons of society keeps acting like I’m not who I am which fools the higher echelons, what event has to take place? Would they like me to make that decision or should someone really step in before it’s too late?


Time to consult the oracle aka Nadia.


If Nadia was an oracle I would have known about it. I was in Europe for 6 months should I write a poem about it? I went to Europe for love, now I’m back in America. End of discussion I had to platinum my character. Now miss grand hustle I know who you are. From the land down under, meet me at the outback bar.


Ok call me when you land out here in Sydney. I’ll send a car and your Cheffuers name is Cindy. She’s one of The Makara, out here I’m Ingridi a dreamtime goddess. I know who you are, there’s no need to be modest.

(Clout hangs up the phone takes a last minute flight to Australia)


My flight has landed and you can call me Amon Ra. Tell The Makara I’m here next to Jamaicans they say Jah.


Great she’ll be right there in 5 minutes. She looks like my sister in fact a spitting image. You can stay at the guest house in back of the mansion. Come to the out back bar she’ll drop your bags off handsome.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


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