White Leopard

Last year in Oslo I dreamed about this woman one night and the next

night she came and sat right across from me and my ex fiance at

the Pakistani Festival with her husband. She was from Washington

State in America and it was their 1st time in Oslo. I saw her

coming a whole country away. And she just stared at me like she

had found something she had lost. She was a white woman in her

50′s, silver hair, and had young energy. Now I want to know what

inferior followed me out to Norway the 2nd time? Again I say I’m

superior because I know better. You have to be inferior because you

didn’t. They don’t know the governments, they don’t know the

systems, can’t speak English very well, believe in lies, and are

easily manipulated by people who abuse their authority. I mean

after all, If they’d known that money was just a middleman they

wouldn’t have ever became a slave to it. 2nd thought here! Lets

have a baby and then give it a tax number I mean social security

number like a fictitious entity (corporation) has. And then

hopefully when it grows up it can sue, sale, buy, and get sued.


Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


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