@kanyewest Is Buying @KimKardashian 10 Burger Kings – My Thoughts On Business Can Manifest Dreams

Kanye is buying Kim 10 “Burger Kings” as a wedding gift. That company went public 12 years ago. It’s a great investment.

Kim already has her Milk Shakes Shakin’ “Millions Of Milkshakes” so if you are going to buy her 10 Burger Kings I would incorporate “Millions Of Milkshakes” into the equation. That would atleast give you a slight edge over your competitors. Maybe you should make something called a “West Burger” that should rival the “Big Mack”. Just a thought, pay me later.

But put atleast 5 of the 10 restaurants inside of malls in food courts. The both of you have entertainment backgrounds so you should atleast jazz up the exterior making it more attractive to customers. I think giving Burger King a delivery option would definitely separate it from it’s competitors making you a leader of the pack. And Europe is an excellent location to setup a franchise. I would try the United Kingdom at first. A name like Burger King deserves to be around a similar name.


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