3 Things


1) I’m growing my hair for 3 years. Before I went to Europe last July I was going to start then but ended up cutting it for 9 months. This is how it looked before I left to Europe the first time. I grew it for (4) months 

Now I’ve started growing it again. I’ve been growing it for (2) months so far. 


2) Summer is approaching and I’ve already gotten sun burn in America today. This is a photo of my sun burn after jogging in 100 degree weather in (2012) 

And this is a photo of the sun burn I got today and it’s not even close to 100 degrees (June 4th 2014) 

This is a photo I took yesterday just before working out (Excalibershine’s British Workout) (June 3rd 2014)


I discovered that “sound is alive” just by writing a poem “Hear Me” May 18th 2014. Sound repeats vibration. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a voice, a car crash or a tree that falls in the forest, it will repeat the vibration. And sound is faster than the speed of light. So it can travel as far as the sun and farther.  So be mindful of what you “say” because it will repeat you … 


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