The Nordic Way

The Nordic Way, All Sun All Moon, The Midnight Sun,
The Sun Rise at 4am, A Midnight Run,
Got approached by those shamans now my hairs growing out for 3 years,
The blonde dread bayfall (bayfoul) don’t care,
Last summer was the best summer in 30 years I hear,
I was there on the rooftop sitting in a chair,
Positioned to hit you with that brand new covenant,
You better know all of it, not just some of it,
It’s an experiment inside of Philadelphia,
It’s like I jogged and time traveled, they didn’t even try to help me up,
I got hit with a weapon wearing a suit,
I got hit with a weapon you can’t shoot,
Scientist might have been testing something out on me,
Fire In The Sky, light dumping out on me,
The color of her eyes, change on command,
Plus I saw a mermaid in the sea next to Greenland,
Mythology is fact, Astrology is back,
I say what I mean, no apologies to track.


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