Privileged Information



I know what dreams are. And I do mean the ones you have when you’re

asleep. (Privileged information). I’ve perfected something that

brings me a step closer to perfection because I’m always in search

of perfection. (Privileged information). I’m obligated to silence

especially when it means protecting what’s not prepared to know

certain information before its time. Preparation is key. (You

preheat the oven before placing the cake in. Do you know what I

mean?) (Enchantment). Is a world

that maximizes, excites, and occupies ALL senses so that one can

truly appreciate what exist in each and every kingdom from nature

to water. The only accurate time on earth is a full moon. Three O

clock can feel like 12 noon and 12 noon can feel like three oclock.

But a full moon can never be mistaken, always feels the same, and

always appears on time. I told you alot and I told you nothing. I

told you nothing that would harm you. I wouldn’t tell you anything

you are not prepared to receive, especially when it comes to

(Privileged information)


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