I Surrender To Evolution

2014-11-15 20-41-28.000

At 1000 miles I’ll call myself a trail runner. I have to remain hydrated. I’ll be there by the end of December. I was running 10 miles at a time non stop sometimes in slippers. I lost too much weight too fast because of the distance, so I slowed it down some.

I can run for hours on a trail up and down hills with a back pack on with 15lbs weights inside. I love the woods. Prefontaine these boys. I ended up in the hospital before because I wasn’t properly hydrating myself when trail running and it was misdiagnosed. Lets just say that during that time I exceeded expectation and discovered a level of potential that cannot be explained yet.

People couldn’t understand it so they classified it according to their knowledge. But I know different. “They don’t know what we know that’s all we know”. I’m sort of an expert interpreter. I can explain things the way they are without making it sound far fetched. I call it “Basic quality”.

I make sure that my facts are sound without any vulnerable entry points or weaknesses. “Solid as a rock”. So if “anyone” or “anything” attacks what I say, I’ll destroy it in front of “everything”. And I try my best to do what I say just to make sure that I remain in order and in harmony with “nature”. I’m right about what I say and my vibration agrees. RT@JustisJames1 You’re right. I confess my intelligence and I surrender to evolution. RT@ggchao A day to confess and surrender. ‪#‎TrailRunner‬ ‪#‎Runner‬


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