NEW Scientific Breakthrough. We’ve Researched For An Entire Decade.

Excalibershine Images WWW.BACK2THEFRESH.ME / Norway Oak Tree

We’ve been studying the environment for 12 full years in 3 different countries. The U.S, Sicily, and Norway. This particular tree is located in the U.S on the east coast in New Jersey, is called the Norway Oak tree.

The entire area has been under environmental investigation for atleast 15yrs by other organizations. And many things have been uncovered, but one thing we’ve noticed at EXCALIBERSHINE, is that if this tree isn’t taken care of properly, the birds and squirrels look unhealthy. Over a 10yr period we’ve discovered that if the Norway Oak Tree isn’t watered and taken care of properly, malnourished birds and squirrels appear around it. And as soon as we began taking care of it, the birds and squirrels came around healthy and thick.

At 1st we didn’t notice it. But throughout the years we’ve monitored the effects of not taking care of it very closely. Indeed it is a new scientific discovery. So if plants and animals are that connected to each other, humans have to be connected too it also.


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