@RoyalFamily King Charles III & Queen Camilla Are Honorary Members. #SaveTheEarth

The both of them are brand new to their positions, but are far from strangers to the throne. A void has been filled in the midst of turmoil. We are in historical times. And “Just Rulers” are needed in order to sustain Kingdom after Kingdom, and Realm after Realm. Rumors must be controlled and never suppressed. Control is far greater than suppression. Success is always controlled.

P.S Our favorite tree is the Douglas Fir, from the pine tree family.


My Tweets To Elon Musk And JAXA The Japanese Space Program.




@ExcaliberShine’s Global “Indigenous Quarter”

BACK2THEFRESH (EX) The global environmentally friendly fraternity designed for actors, actresses, musicians, authors, and runners that I created requires an FBI background check to be a member, if you’re American. It’s also a traveling university and “Tribe” if it needs to be. Making it federally recognized. Excalibershine also extends invitations to agency’s and militaries because the 4th kind of government in the U.S is Tribal Law. The 1st being local, 2nd state, 3rd federal, & 4th being Tribal Law.

I organized it that way after finding out that I’m 1/2 Italian 1/2 Mohawk. I’ve reached out to a Mohawk Tribe in Upper state New York to register but couldn’t register because I couldn’t recover my biological mothers information. Can’t register with Khanawake Mohawk Tribe in Canada because I’m only 1/2 Mohawk. And since not one Mohawk female has reached out to me in order to make me a member of a tribe, Excalibershine is a tribe if it needs to be by law. I’m the Chief Prince Adam Of Excalibershine, and no one else can have that title anywhere in the universe.

But the reason it needed to be federally recognized is because It may need government funding.

One of the initiatives of Excalibershine is to establish an “Indigenous Quarter”, as opposed to an Indigenous Day in October on the same day as Columbus Day. The ideal timing of “Indigenous Quarter” is October, November, & December. That’s 90 days, 3months, 1 season.