Each and every Friday night at 8pm…

Each and every Friday night at 8pm for the next 20 weeks we will recommend 1 comic book beginning tonight.

1st Friday
Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Peter Parker

Each and every Friday night at 8pm for the next 20 weeks we will recommend 1 comic book

2nd Friday, March 18th, 2022
US 1. Who is the highwayman?
Year 1984

3rd Friday, March 25th 2022

Marvel: Secret War II

YIear: 1985

4th Friday, April 1st 2022

DC: The World Of Krypton

Year: 1987

5th Friday, April 8th 2022

Marvel: EXCALIBUR, Warpies On the Warpath.

Year: 1992

6th Friday April 15th 2022

Marvel: The New Mutants

7th Friday April 22nd 2022 Marvel: Ultimate Comics. THE ULTIMATES Year: 2012

8th Friday April 29th 2022

Marvel: X Men

Year: 2021

9th Comic May 6th 2022

Marvel: Ultimate FANTASTIC FOUR.

Year: 2006

10th Comic May 13th 2022

Marvel: The Amazing Spiderman

Year: 2014

11th comic Friday May 19th 2022

DC comics: NEW GO6DS

Year: 1989

12th Comic book, Friday May 27th 2022.

DC Comics: This Is It LEGENDS

Year: 1987

13th Comic book, Friday June 3rd 2022.


Year: 1986

14th Comic book, Friday June 10th 2022

Marvel: Dark Reign SECRET WARRIORS. Nick Fury: Agent Of Nothing

Year: 1990

15th Comic book, Friday June 17th 2022

Marvel The thousands

Year: 2000

16th Comic book, Friday June 25th 2022

Marvel: Secret Warriors. Wake The beast

Year: 2009

17th Comic book, Friday July 1st 2022

DC Comics: Superman. Truth. Justice.

Year: 2015

18th and 19th Comic Book, Friday July 15th 2022

Marvel: X Men, Reservation X & Secret Warriors

Year: 2013, 2010

20th Comic Book, Friday July 22nd 2022

Marvel: Wolverine

Year: 1992 .

“G is 7” Downloadable PDF’s

G is 7Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 11.12.32 AM

Note: I changed up my “Excalibershine British Workout” a bit.

1 set is

100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Pullups
100 calf raises
100 lunges.

See if you can complete 1 full set by next full moon: Sunday, 26 August 2018, 01:56:12 pm if you are use to the workout. #100Only30Minutes #BuildYouAgain

I Surrender To Evolution

2014-11-15 20-41-28.000

At 1000 miles I’ll call myself a trail runner. I have to remain hydrated. I’ll be there by the end of December. I was running 10 miles at a time non stop sometimes in slippers. I lost too much weight too fast because of the distance, so I slowed it down some.

I can run for hours on a trail up and down hills with a back pack on with 15lbs weights inside. I love the woods. Prefontaine these boys. I ended up in the hospital before because I wasn’t properly hydrating myself when trail running and it was misdiagnosed. Lets just say that during that time I exceeded expectation and discovered a level of potential that cannot be explained yet.

People couldn’t understand it so they classified it according to their knowledge. But I know different. “They don’t know what we know that’s all we know”. I’m sort of an expert interpreter. I can explain things the way they are without making it sound far fetched. I call it “Basic quality”.

I make sure that my facts are sound without any vulnerable entry points or weaknesses. “Solid as a rock”. So if “anyone” or “anything” attacks what I say, I’ll destroy it in front of “everything”. And I try my best to do what I say just to make sure that I remain in order and in harmony with “nature”. I’m right about what I say and my vibration agrees. RT@JustisJames1 You’re right. I confess my intelligence and I surrender to evolution. RT@ggchao A day to confess and surrender. ‪#‎TrailRunner‬ ‪#‎Runner‬

“They don’t know what we know that’s all we know”.


Ask them what their “age” is and never how old or young they are. If

you think you’re young you’re young, if you think you’re old you’re

old no matter your “age”. Plant your words carefully. Control your



“Money comes after success”. Don’t sit in front of the fireplace

expecting fire when you haven’t put the wood in first. “Success is

preparation”. A dollar bill says, “in god we trust”. Many people

say money is the root of all evil. All I can say is that the dollar

tells the truth. Never believe what people say about money when the

message is clearly written on it. Look at how they lie in front of

you. “Respect The Architects”. “They don’t know what we know that’s

all we know”.

Privileged Information



I know what dreams are. And I do mean the ones you have when you’re

asleep. (Privileged information). I’ve perfected something that

brings me a step closer to perfection because I’m always in search

of perfection. (Privileged information). I’m obligated to silence

especially when it means protecting what’s not prepared to know

certain information before its time. Preparation is key. (You

preheat the oven before placing the cake in. Do you know what I

mean?) (Enchantment). Is a world

that maximizes, excites, and occupies ALL senses so that one can

truly appreciate what exist in each and every kingdom from nature

to water. The only accurate time on earth is a full moon. Three O

clock can feel like 12 noon and 12 noon can feel like three oclock.

But a full moon can never be mistaken, always feels the same, and

always appears on time. I told you alot and I told you nothing. I

told you nothing that would harm you. I wouldn’t tell you anything

you are not prepared to receive, especially when it comes to

(Privileged information)

“All Sun All Moon” 24 Featuring The Princess Royal @BritishMonarchy




I wonder how The Princess Royal does what she does. With great power and prestige comes heavy responsibility. Nobility is an eternal title that should be worn like a badge of honor. Maybe we should make her immortal. What do you think?


Whatever you think is best. She’ll be here in 15 minutes. Are you going to do it then?


No. Of course not. I need to see where she stands when it comes to the matter of protecting the earth and deforestation. After all, her brother the Prince Of Wales is for protecting the earth and climate control. I’m not quite sure as to where she stands. Once I know that, then I’ll make my decision.


I see.

(The Princess Royal arrives)

The Princess Royal

Hello Clout. It’s been so long.

(Clout walks over to The Princess Royal and kisses her hand)


Anne. I haven’t seen you since the Order Of The Garter dinner. You haven’t aged a bit. Shame on him who thinks this evil.

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L.I.F.E “Love Is For Ever” #Enchantment

She seduces him in a sexy way, he pursues her and whispers in her ears, she falls for it and gets bonded to him at the expense of losing a portion of her free will, alot of times her sexiness. He deliberately makes her loose her sexiness in order to keep others away from her. He gets her pregnant, she doesn’t stay in shape anymore because he indirectly tells her he loves her that way. But then he goes and flirts with everything that looks the way she use to look. Shame on you Mr for using love as a weapon! You shouldn’t play with hearts. The heart is not meant to be enslaved. Wild hearts can’t be broken. L.I.F.E “Love Is For Ever” #Excalibershine #Enchantment

All Sun All Moon 20

(Screaming at the computer screen)


Don’t copy Excalibershine. The Queen Of England will slaughter your whole family. I swear to god you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s only Excalibershine and James … #Danger

Trenilise James

How come?


I’ve reached out and reestablished what was already here and made it stronger. Now I’m running around looking at these vultures whisper into James’s ears like I don’t see them. We don’t know you … #Danger

Trenilise James

What do you mean we don’t know you?


I meant that’s what I’m thinking when it comes to vultures.

Trenilise James

I understand. It’s only right.


Excalibershine is new and 21st century. I’m the only one with that last name born from James. The James family crest is from the 13th century. Excalibershine is filtering and perfecting. Every last James should embrace the family crest from the 13th century. It’s 800 years old. Have some pride. “The James Coat Of Arms Since the 13th Century: Victor means “to conquer, victory”

While they were trying to do this and that to me, and said that I wasn’t this and that, I did this, that, those, and that in front of everybody. (You see that s***? You aint see that s***. You don’t want none of that s***.)

Trenilise James

What do you mean, “You see that s***? You aint see that s***. You don’t want none of that s***?”


I meant that’s what I’m saying when I confront vultures.

Trenilise James

Oh, I get it. I love it.

(Clout gets on his mac and pulls up back2thefresh.com)


CHECK ME OUT: I’m putting all of this business information up on my site back2thefresh.com and no independent or major showed any sign of working with me. But on the other hand, I’m watching these multi million dollar companies, recording artist, and others benefit off of it directly. I respect nothing against me who uses my work and doesn’t pay homage or gives credit. And I definitely over look all nay sayers who cannot see or see’s and undermines me. Look at where I come from go against me. Now they understand my decision-making. Look at how these people get programmed to say the same thing about me, proving to everyone that there are puppet masters pulling strings. So I dare anyone of them to say they are not a puppet to the untrained mind.

Trenilise James

Right now they are like, “He’s right, but if we admit it, that would prove that we are wrong, and psychologically we cannot take that, so let’s make up another lie”.


Yes. So my advice to them would be fix what you’ve done and make it better. Big Ben is ticking. If 500 people all agree on the same thing and it is a lie about someone, 85,000+ will say “We know they are lying, they are slaves to the money. Hustlers say hey money, go and make more money”.

Trenilise James

That sounds like the best option.


One thing about me is, is that if I talk s*** about something I always correct it at the same time. #CorrectingMyself


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White Leopard

Last year in Oslo I dreamed about this woman one night and the next

night she came and sat right across from me and my ex fiance at

the Pakistani Festival with her husband. She was from Washington

State in America and it was their 1st time in Oslo. I saw her

coming a whole country away. And she just stared at me like she

had found something she had lost. She was a white woman in her

50′s, silver hair, and had young energy. Now I want to know what

inferior followed me out to Norway the 2nd time? Again I say I’m

superior because I know better. You have to be inferior because you

didn’t. They don’t know the governments, they don’t know the

systems, can’t speak English very well, believe in lies, and are

easily manipulated by people who abuse their authority. I mean

after all, If they’d known that money was just a middleman they

wouldn’t have ever became a slave to it. 2nd thought here! Lets

have a baby and then give it a tax number I mean social security

number like a fictitious entity (corporation) has. And then

hopefully when it grows up it can sue, sale, buy, and get sued.


Justis James™ Did It
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