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We’ve been studying the environment for 12 full years in 3 different countries. The U.S, Sicily, and Norway. This particular tree is located in the U.S on the east coast in New Jersey, is called the Norway Oak tree.

The entire area has been under environmental investigation for atleast 15yrs by other organizations. And many things have been uncovered, but one thing we’ve noticed at EXCALIBERSHINE, is that if this tree isn’t taken care of properly, the birds and squirrels look unhealthy. Over a 10yr period we’ve discovered that if the Norway Oak Tree isn’t watered and taken care of properly, malnourished birds and squirrels appear around it. And as soon as we began taking care of it, the birds and squirrels came around healthy and thick.

At 1st we didn’t notice it. But throughout the years we’ve monitored the effects of not taking care of it very closely. Indeed it is a new scientific discovery. So if plants and animals are that connected to each other, humans have to be connected too it also.


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Nature Loves Me And I Love Nature. (Save The Earth)

In 2010 I was struck by a hit and run driver in the Suburb of Voorhees NJ on rt 73, 6 days after Valentines Day. The incident left me with 4 years of amnesia.

During my amnesia I realized how in tune to nature I really am. And how in tune nature is to me. It may sound unusual and sort of super (natural), but some how when I was under weight, so were the animals and the trees around me.

For instance, I noticed how skinny looking squirrels would come around me when I was under weight from the stress and pressure. And as soon as I regained weight, healthier looking squirrels came around all of the time. It took about 5 times for me to loose and regain weight in order for me to recognize it. And over time I became use to the pattern.

The 2nd example is how this one tree grew about 6 inches within a 3 week period right in front of me. The miraculous thing about the tree is that, it was about the same exact size for over 20 years. It sits right on the side of the house I grew up in.

As soon as I ended up back in the house that I grew up in as a kid because of my hit and run accident, the first week I was there an earthquake happened in 2010. I’ve never experienced an earthquake until then.

I’ve always been nature friendly but after those events I just became extra nature friendly. And I know that I’m always going to be this way because of what I know. The earth is smarter than you think. There are other things that I’ve experienced with nature but I figured I’d just skim the surface for you just a little so that you can understand how important nature is to me.


Source: Geese Photo by Duronn BACK2THEFRESH.ME — National Geographic Your Shot

@KensingtonRoyal Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge for her belief in the importance of inspiring children to love nature. #BackyardNature 🇬🇧


@SkyNews “Everything in this world would just die.” Thousands of children walked out of classes across the UK on Friday to join worldwide protests calling for action on climate change.🇬🇧


Nature Is Natural

The beginning of the year for Excalibershine is April 1st, which is really the 1st quarter of the year. Why is it the beginning of the year for Excalibershine? It’s the beginning of the year for us because we are an environmentally and nature friendly fraternity, who knows for a fact that the beginning means birth.

And April is when birth or rebirth takes place for nature. The trees and flowers begin blossoming again. The animals come out of hibernation. And every one knows that it’s a new season. The only mistake is that everyone thinks it’s the 2nd season as opposed to the 1st season.

The natural clock is off a quarter by 3 months. If Spring (April) brings birth and rebirth, is the beginning, and Winter (January) brings death and sleep, then there is no way on earth the current time is accurate.

The reason it’s off is because there were 13 months instead of the 12 we see now. When there were 13 months, each month had about 28 days each. That’s why natural time is so off. That’s why the vibration is off.

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