Donations and Fundraising are two ways you can help to further our cause.

”One of our first major goals at EXCALIBERSHINE NATION is to build and create an orphanage, that educates and promotes learning, about the earth and its wild life.

So each and every donation counts. Donate over $50 and receive a free box of girlscout cookies.”


Donate a car, van, or truck and recieve a weekend stay at a 5 Star Hotel in New York City. Saturday & Sunday night


Ethos WaterFundraising One Case – 5 Bottles.

Grape Seed Oil Soap Fundraising 2 Bars

Note: All orders are delivered on April 1st of each year.


NEW Scientific Breakthrough. We’ve Researched For An Entire Decade.

Excalibershine Images WWW.BACK2THEFRESH.ME / Norway Oak Tree

We’ve been studying the environment for 12 full years in 3 different countries. The U.S, Sicily, and Norway. This particular tree is located in the U.S on the east coast in New Jersey, is called the Norway Oak tree.

The entire area has been under environmental investigation for atleast 15yrs by other organizations. And many things have been uncovered, but one thing we’ve noticed at EXCALIBERSHINE, is that if this tree isn’t taken care of properly, the birds and squirrels look unhealthy. Over a 10yr period we’ve discovered that if the Norway Oak Tree isn’t watered and taken care of properly, malnourished birds and squirrels appear around it. And as soon as we began taking care of it, the birds and squirrels came around healthy and thick.

At 1st we didn’t notice it. But throughout the years we’ve monitored the effects of not taking care of it very closely. Indeed it is a new scientific discovery. So if plants and animals are that connected to each other, humans have to be connected too it also.

Each and every Friday night at 8pm…

Each and every Friday night at 8pm for the next 20 weeks we will recommend 1 comic book beginning tonight.

1st Friday
Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Peter Parker

Each and every Friday night at 8pm for the next 20 weeks we will recommend 1 comic book

2nd Friday, March 18th, 2022
US 1. Who is the highwayman?
Year 1984

3rd Friday, March 25th 2022

Marvel: Secret War II

YIear: 1985

4th Friday, April 1st 2022

DC: The World Of Krypton

Year: 1987

5th Friday, April 8th 2022

Marvel: EXCALIBUR, Warpies On the Warpath.

Year: 1992

6th Friday April 15th 2022

Marvel: The New Mutants

7th Friday April 22nd 2022 Marvel: Ultimate Comics. THE ULTIMATES Year: 2012

8th Friday April 29th 2022

Marvel: X Men

Year: 2021

9th Comic May 6th 2022

Marvel: Ultimate FANTASTIC FOUR.

Year: 2006

10th Comic May 13th 2022

Marvel: The Amazing Spiderman

Year: 2014

11th comic Friday May 19th 2022

DC comics: NEW GO6DS

Year: 1989

12th Comic book, Friday May 27th 2022.

DC Comics: This Is It LEGENDS

Year: 1987

13th Comic book, Friday June 3rd 2022.


Year: 1986

14th Comic book, Friday June 10th 2022

Marvel: Dark Reign SECRET WARRIORS. Nick Fury: Agent Of Nothing

Year: 1990

15th Comic book, Friday June 17th 2022

Marvel The thousands

Year: 2000

16th Comic book, Friday June 25th 2022

Marvel: Secret Warriors. Wake The beast

Year: 2009

17th Comic book, Friday July 1st 2022

DC Comics: Superman. Truth. Justice.

Year: 2015

18th and 19th Comic Book, Friday July 15th 2022

Marvel: X Men, Reservation X & Secret Warriors

Year: 2013, 2010

20th Comic Book, Friday July 22nd 2022

Marvel: Wolverine

Year: 1992 .

“Duronn’s Moment” Inspired by Prince Phillip Of The British Monarchy.

I was ultimately inspired by “Make Things Better” by Prince Phillip of The British Monarchy. I read what he wrote. (Listen)


BACK2THEFRESH (EX) As most of you know, I measure my success by full moon. Meaning that after each and every full moon, I begin working on a new or existing project. And I give myself until the following full moon to complete it. For instance, the next full moon of the year is on Sunday, 28th March 2021, at 08:48:12 pm.

It is now March 25th and I have already remapped the clock and Gregorian calendar that was put into position in 1582, to replace the Julian Calendar by Pope Gregory XIII. That was done to modify only one day.

March 11th 2021 I remapped the clock and calendar by using the moon as opposed to the sun because it’s closer to earth. Since there are 12 full moons per year, I’m claiming that there’s only 12 days in one year. And that each full moon means that one day has passed.

And that the beginning of the year is really spring because it brings birth naturally. So Spring is truly the 1st quarter. So it means that our measurement of time was off by an entire season. Now it’s in perfect alignment because it makes sense. There’s not one lie within it. I call it “Duronn‘s Moment“. That was done to not only modify an entire season, but it makes you age slower.

And on March 19th I designed my own alphabet and number system for Excalibershine.

“EXCALIBERSHINE” A Tribe and Traveling University If It Needs To Be. Excalibershine means: “All Sun All MoonExcalibershine is an environmentally friendly fraternity founded by Duronn “Justis James” Excalibershine (The Chief Prince Adam) in 2011. It´s an organization composed of musicians, actors, actresses, writers, and trail runners. [It’s a private association defined by membership and membership alone.]

I was inspired by Sacouyah of the Cherokee who created his own alphabet and number system in a year in 1821. Even though I’m ahead of schedule I’m still on time.

I’ve corrected an error that’s more than 27 centuries ago. Since the founding of Rome which is AUC 1 (year 1) which is 750 years Before Christ. They restarted the calendar in AUC 754, a year after Christ died to 1 After Christ. It’s now 2021 After Christ which is really AUC 2775. AUC is an abbreviation for Ab urbe condita. Which is from the founding of the city (Rome).

Effect: You age slower.

Note: The more full moons the more days.