Some Things To Eat & Drink For The Mind

Breakfast Before Sunrise
– Ultra-spice Chai Tea
– Apple
– Vanilla Almond Granola
– 1 Shot Of Orange Juice

  • Rice

I have been experimenting through out the years with rice. I’ve discovered that rice is one of the best and healthiest things you can eat. You can eat it plain or with butter, and other spices. Rice can help you gain or loose weight depending on what you eat it with. Ex. Soy Sauce, Pepper, Salt, Gravy, Old Bey Seasoning, Garlic, Onions, Basil, Sugar, etc.

Cinnamon rice is also great for your dog to eat. It keeps their tails wagging.

  • Yogurt

Their are all kinds of yogurt but Greek Yogurt is one of the best to eat.


  • Tea, Water, And Orange Juice.

Water, Orange Juice, and Tea are actually some of my best things to drink.
They help to keep you replenished and energized. A cup of tea per day is great for you.

I eat other things but these are the basic building blocks of my diet. I try to eat as less meat as possible. I eat it sometimes but I’m gradually stepping away from it.

I’ve been gradually stepping away from eating meat because of my macrobiotic diet.