Vikings And Knights


Excalibershine is so pure , Vikings and Knights,
All Sun All Moon, the timing is right
Nature chooses favorites, lightning at night,
Shades on shades off, they might see the light
Be careful what you speak, keys are invisible,
Open up the right door to a world indivisible
Water is libation for the body, vibrations from paradise
Invitations are limited, never approach uninvited in your life



Autumn is my favorite season,
The leaves change and the air is clear,
I never say f*** because there’s no reason,
I’m so alive, it’s almost here.

Apple cider, pumpkin patches,
Samhain and Halloween,
Jack o lanterns, costumed fashion,
Nothing is ever how it seems.

Golden leaves on the ground decorates the scene,
New birds appear from no where,
They always travel in teams,
And leaves when the snows here.

Thanksgiving feast is a symbol for peace,
Pilgrims and the Natives ate outside,
Parades move all through the streets,
I wonder what it looks like from the sky.

Duronn “Justis” James Excalibershine™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


The Nordic Way

The Nordic Way, All Sun All Moon, The Midnight Sun,
The Sun Rise at 4am, A Midnight Run,
Got approached by those shamans now my hairs growing out for 3 years,
The blonde dread bayfall (bayfoul) don’t care,
Last summer was the best summer in 30 years I hear,
I was there on the rooftop sitting in a chair,
Positioned to hit you with that brand new covenant,
You better know all of it, not just some of it,
It’s an experiment inside of Philadelphia,
It’s like I jogged and time traveled, they didn’t even try to help me up,
I got hit with a weapon wearing a suit,
I got hit with a weapon you can’t shoot,
Scientist might have been testing something out on me,
Fire In The Sky, light dumping out on me,
The color of her eyes, change on command,
Plus I saw a mermaid in the sea next to Greenland,
Mythology is fact, Astrology is back,
I say what I mean, no apologies to track.


In America I speak the Kings language and it’s called English.
My dialect is musical, sweet like the Danish.
The Princess Royal knows it, my conversation exposes it.
No degree can perfect it, perfection is a solar chip.
A weapon is a strategy created by geniuses.
It doesn’t have to be metal or visible it can be secretive.
I’m in and out of societies classes sitting in any seat.
I have to pronounce my words according to the class, hear me speak.
You thought you knew me because you studied what was taught to you.
But when I came you couldn’t understand what was brought to you.
If you’re in you’re in, if you’re not, don’t pretend.
I can start it from the end or start it from where it begins.
If you can’t understand it, that doesn’t mean it’s criminal.
Consider the fact that it’s a defense mechanism to keep corruption out, that’s direct not subliminal.
“I see” wolves running around “hiding” looking like sheep.
I personally petted my first wolf at 11 years old for a week.
I said “Give me paw” it bowed down and licked my fist twice.
And then I went swimming when I couldn’t even swim, almost drowned, but started swimming right.
Now don’t misinterpret anything that was said.
It’s clear as spring water, if you can, see it with your head.
I construct, that’s construction, I’m aware of those who destruct, that’s deconstruction.
So there’s builders and destroyers of work, see construction.

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

Who Is Amen – Ra

Look at how I have to play multiple positions,
Me and my real connections, and America won’t listen,
They’re so use to fake that they don’t believe real when it appears,
Got hit by a hit&run left for dead, built back up, it’s been 3 years,
They don’t take cases? we replace lawyers,
Raised up by royalty I out paced Tom Sawyer,
22 times already so I’m 2nd amendment pro NRA,
Got kidnapped sophisticatedly, so if you’re opposition you’re in the way,
Ya’ll chose the wrong side so I break states up,
Then re unite it again they won’t wake up,
Masters Of The Universe, Prince Adam, He-Man,
Adora Left my Fedora out in Europe you watch C-Span,
Sword Of Power, Sword Of Protection,
Excalibershine is sssssort of perfection,
Princess Adora was She-Ra Prince Adam was He-man,
Amen Ra spent a week out in Sicily and got a deep tan,
I said Amen Ra spent a week out in Sicily and got a deep tan,
She-Ra was princess Adora who is Amen-Ra?, damn,
All I Wanna Know Is, Is She Back2TheFresh tho?,
Full Moons on Sunday, read All Sun All Moon yo ; ).

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

Know What I Mean

I turned 33 this year and running 10 miles before doing 1000 pushups and 1000 situps is cool. But I have to do better #KnowWhatIMean

I have secrets that only my offspring can keep,
No offspring yet, all that betrayal in back of me was weak,
I’m stronger than Sampson met Delilah and those other girls,
Sent them back like Justis James is somethin from another world,
Last year 2013 didn’t I jog & run the world?
All Sun All Moon, you’re watchin Blade and Underworld,
Try to claim my amulet and end up in an ambulance,
I’m Immortal I see watchers all around recording with no camera men,
I see watches all around lookin at time on their wrist,
But that sun and that moon say tell time like this,
Now I move around in secrecy she tried to weaken me,
Peacefully bow out from the crown and show decency,
What’s that S word? Sword,
Excalibershine beat the game no board.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


The Duchess of Cornwall is hosting a reception to celebrate @southbankcentre Women of the World Festival: Diary

The Duchess of Cornwall will host a reception to celebrate,
Southbank Centre’s WOW – Women of the World,
Festival 2014 at Clarence House, London, SW1A 1BA, great.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


On 28 Feb: The Princess Royal – Chancellor, University of London, will open the new facilities at St. George’s, ……

The Princess Royal Chancellor, University of London,
Will open the new facilities,
at St. George’s, University of London,
Cranmer Terrace London SW17 has special abilities,
And Patron, London Scottish Football Club,
Will attend the Deutshe Bank,
London Scottish Schools 6 Nations has a buzz,
The Athletic Ground, Kew Foot Road, Richmond, Surrey the clubs faster than you think.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

@katyperry Aphrodite Pious

@katyperry Aphrodite pious Osirus is in Society,
Pyramids are in exact alignment with astrology,
Anchises from Troy, I wouldn’t chase Helen,
Didn’t I Achilles 2013, they’re story tellin?
Graffiti from Nefertiti believe me I’m extra speedy,
See me accept the genie read me? accept it sweety,
Close one eye and rub it on the side,
Those in the sky runnin’ for the prize,
The moons up all night, watching the sun rise,
All Sun All Moon, those waves, those tides,
Change the wings on Icarus so they won’t melt,
Need to be a little more flyer, Orion’s belt,
Then look down so you can see it,
Cleopatra the last pharaoh of Egypt

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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