“Duronn’s Moment” Inspired by Prince Phillip Of The British Monarchy.

I was ultimately inspired by “Make Things Better” by Prince Phillip of The British Monarchy. I read what he wrote. (Listen)


BACK2THEFRESH (EX) As most of you know, I measure my success by full moon. Meaning that after each and every full moon, I begin working on a new or existing project. And I give myself until the following full moon to complete it. For instance, the next full moon of the year is on Sunday, 28th March 2021, at 08:48:12 pm.

It is now March 25th and I have already remapped the clock and Gregorian calendar that was put into position in 1582, to replace the Julian Calendar by Pope Gregory XIII. That was done to modify only one day.

March 11th 2021 I remapped the clock and calendar by using the moon as opposed to the sun because it’s closer to earth. Since there are 12 full moons per year, I’m claiming that there’s only 12 days in one year. And that each full moon means that one day has passed.

And that the beginning of the year is really spring because it brings birth naturally. So Spring is truly the 1st quarter. So it means that our measurement of time was off by an entire season. Now it’s in perfect alignment because it makes sense. There’s not one lie within it. I call it “Duronn‘s Moment“. That was done to not only modify an entire season, but it makes you age slower.

And on March 19th I designed my own alphabet and number system for Excalibershine.

“EXCALIBERSHINE” A Tribe and Traveling University If It Needs To Be. Excalibershine means: “All Sun All MoonExcalibershine is an environmentally friendly fraternity founded by Duronn “Justis James” Excalibershine (The Chief Prince Adam) in 2011. It´s an organization composed of musicians, actors, actresses, writers, and trail runners. [It’s a private association defined by membership and membership alone.]

I was inspired by Sacouyah of the Cherokee who created his own alphabet and number system in a year in 1821. Even though I’m ahead of schedule I’m still on time.

I’ve corrected an error that’s more than 27 centuries ago. Since the founding of Rome which is AUC 1 (year 1) which is 750 years Before Christ. They restarted the calendar in AUC 754, a year after Christ died to 1 After Christ. It’s now 2021 After Christ which is really AUC 2775. AUC is an abbreviation for Ab urbe condita. Which is from the founding of the city (Rome).

Effect: You age slower.

Note: The more full moons the more days.


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