Know What I Mean

I turned 33 this year and running 10 miles before doing 1000 pushups and 1000 situps is cool. But I have to do better #KnowWhatIMean

I have secrets that only my offspring can keep,
No offspring yet, all that betrayal in back of me was weak,
I’m stronger than Sampson met Delilah and those other girls,
Sent them back like Justis James is somethin from another world,
Last year 2013 didn’t I jog & run the world?
All Sun All Moon, you’re watchin Blade and Underworld,
Try to claim my amulet and end up in an ambulance,
I’m Immortal I see watchers all around recording with no camera men,
I see watches all around lookin at time on their wrist,
But that sun and that moon say tell time like this,
Now I move around in secrecy she tried to weaken me,
Peacefully bow out from the crown and show decency,
What’s that S word? Sword,
Excalibershine beat the game no board.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


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