Who Is Amen – Ra

Look at how I have to play multiple positions,
Me and my real connections, and America won’t listen,
They’re so use to fake that they don’t believe real when it appears,
Got hit by a hit&run left for dead, built back up, it’s been 3 years,
They don’t take cases? we replace lawyers,
Raised up by royalty I out paced Tom Sawyer,
22 times already so I’m 2nd amendment pro NRA,
Got kidnapped sophisticatedly, so if you’re opposition you’re in the way,
Ya’ll chose the wrong side so I break states up,
Then re unite it again they won’t wake up,
Masters Of The Universe, Prince Adam, He-Man,
Adora Left my Fedora out in Europe you watch C-Span,
Sword Of Power, Sword Of Protection,
Excalibershine is sssssort of perfection,
Princess Adora was She-Ra Prince Adam was He-man,
Amen Ra spent a week out in Sicily and got a deep tan,
I said Amen Ra spent a week out in Sicily and got a deep tan,
She-Ra was princess Adora who is Amen-Ra?, damn,
All I Wanna Know Is, Is She Back2TheFresh tho?,
Full Moons on Sunday, read All Sun All Moon yo ; ).

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014


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